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Howard Hughes Headquarters

Its beautifully muted art deco exterior camouflages into the dusty side streets of Hollywood south of Santa Monica Boulevard, among warehouses and studios and parking lots and new construction sites. Despite its elegance, it’s the sort of building on a forgettable street that you might drive by countless times without a second glance. But rounding the perimeter from North Sycamore Ave, the unsuspecting visitor is all of a sudden met with a bright, lush entrance behind wrought iron deco gates. It's as if this journey moves its passenger from the world of black and white to color--an unintentional metaphor for the building’s beginnings as an early color film processing plant, and the colorful, outlandish, and at times disturbing life that 7000 Romaine Street has lived since its construction in 1930. And it is no less a metaphor for its former owner who was often inextricable from the building itself--Howard Hughes, the eccentric Texan who burst on the Hollywood scene while battling his own sickness, demons, and brilliance, overflowing from his mind like the wild ivy that overtakes the entrance to his former command center.

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