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The Dunbar Hotel and Club Alabam

The Dunbar Hotel and Club Alabam were once the crown jewels of the thriving Jazz Corridor of Central Avenue beginning in the 1920s. These cultural and racial safe havens, where patrons found both connection and entertainment, represented a flourishing center of African American life in Los Angeles. Today, life on Central Avenue is markedly different…

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The Hollywood Center Motel

Imagine for a moment some quintessential images of any noir film or novel—an unsolved murder; cops with questionable motives; starry-eyed Hollywood hopefuls on the wrong path; the moonlight shining through horizontal blinds and a puff of cigarette smoke; the dull humming of a glowing neon sign outside; and of course, a dark, seedy motel at the center of it all….

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The Ambassador Hotel & Cocoanut Grove

The former site of the Ambassador Hotel and its fabled Cocoanut Grove nightclub, today sit behind bars like a fortress on Wilshire Boulevard. The once inviting motorist’s entrance seems like an out of place remnant to the unsuspecting eye, and there are few other clues that this site was once the location of the essential Ambassador and its Grove….

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